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Why A Single Serving Of This New Pre-Workout Is So Much Better Than Any Other In The Category

Since the inception of the category, the formulating style of today’s products, particularly the pre-workout category, has been to conceal their formulas in the ambiguity of proprietary blends. As a consumer you simply hope that your favorite brand is delivering what they insinuate on the label.

Thankfully, there is a growing trend of brands offering consumers full transparency, at least in some of their formulas. This is a very good thing. As a result, consumers have the opportunity to make educated choices about which products offer the best formula and the best value.

The title of the article, MORE IS MORE is a profound declaration of the obvious. Regardless of an emerging trend, the overwhelming majority of the top products conceal their formulas. However, one of the most absurd things out there is the notion that LESS IS MORE. Would you agree that a $1.00 dollar bill though less than a $10.00 bill is not MORE? So, LESS is not MORE: MORE IS MORE! How could anyone suggest that a 1-gram serving of anything be quantifiably MORE than a 10-gram serving of the same thing? It can not! It’s like saying you can buy more gasoline with $1.00 than you can with $10.00.

back-exercise-one-dumbbell-pullover-bgThis is an APT SPORTS® article so let’s look at SUPERSET®, which perfectly illustrates what we are talking about. A single serving of SUPERSET®, packs 23.4 grams of 15 different muscle building ingredients, at clinically relevant doses, backed by a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED, and at a price everyone can afford. I know I sound biased, and I am, but this is sort of like game over, isn’t it?

The 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED should tell you the brand obviously has confidence in the product and your experience using it. Those of you that are more experienced supplement users will easily recognize why SUPERSET® is so special. Just look at the label.

Let’s do a comparison:

Comparison #1: Total Grams Per Serving

To start, compare the Supplement Facts of SUPERSET® to that of any pre-workout. Maybe the one you were using or the one you’re thinking of using.

The first thing you’ll notice is the total scoop weight. It’s simple math! Like the example already used, let’s assume each gram in the scoop is equal to one ($1.00) dollar. Wouldn’t you agree that you could buy more “stuff” with $23.40 (23.4 grams per scoop of SUPERSET®) than you can with $3.00 (3 grams of a competitor) or even $9.00 (9 grams of a competitor)? You see MORE IS MORE not LESS!

Comparison #2: Total Grams Per Ingredient

In all probability you’re comparing SUPERSET® to a proprietary blend. I happen to be looking at a very popular product on Bodybuilding.com that also has 15 different ingredients at approximately 1/3rd of the total weight of SUPERSET®: The breakdown is as follows:

  • 1.6 grams of Beta-Alanine
  • 2 grams of a two blended creatine analogs at an undisclosed blend
  • +2 grams of 7 different ingredients in another undisclosed blend

Unfortunately a direct comparison can not be made with the above formula. The competing product does not disclose the dose of each ingredient. You’re left wondering, hoping and with no option but to trust.

In 1984 a fast food chain (Wendy’s) hit the big time with an iconic commercial, an adorable little old lady, and a phrase for the generations. The phrase should be brought back today because of how relevant it is to our industry: “Where’s the beef!” When looking at many of today’s pre-workouts it’s perfectly appropriate to ask, “Where’s the beef.”

Here is an example: the 3 grams of L-Citrulline a single dose of SUPERSET® contains almost a full gram MORE by comparison to the competitors undisclosed dose of 7 ingredients. That’s just 1 of the ingredients in SUPERSET®! You will find this example to be true many times over.

glutamine-description-guy-fade-2When making your evaluation, you will find that in nearly every case the product you are comparing to SUPERSET® will only have some of the ingredients. Also, the dose, when and if disclosed will be considerably less.

Again, the good news is that there’s an apparent trend toward full disclosure of the formulas. This practice is forcing brands to create better products because of the truth in labeling. Still, an overwhelming number of undisclosed formulas remain at epidemic proportions and brands participating in the practice.


We’ve touched on proprietary blends to some extent, nonetheless, are they remain as the “how” to conceal the dosage of a formula. In some cases, it may be to make it difficult for competitors to duplicate a formula. In most cases it’s because numerous ingredients are severely under-dosed. Nine out of ten times it’s the latter.

One of the first decisions I made as owner and founder of APT SPORTS® was to never bring to market a product displaying a proprietary blend. As a valued customer you will always know what’s in the products and how much of it. You will always be able to compare an APT SPORTS® product and determine if it’s the best value on the market.


MORE is in fact MORE not only in the size of the serving and the number of scientifically dosed ingredients but also support and VALUE!!!

I feel that determining the value of a product should never be: how cheap it is. In other words, cost should be the last thing you look at when making a buying decision about a product you put into your body. SUPERSET® should be a $50.00 product but it isn’t, instead, I made it affordable to everyone.

SUPERSET® flat out performs, is priced extremely aggressive and supported by a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED, this is why it’s the best product in the pre-workout category.


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