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Training Tips


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TIP #1
Back / Chest

To Achieve Maximum Range of Motion Try This:

Imagine bringing your hips up toward the ceiling at the same time that the dumbbell is raised and lowered again evenly and proportionately to the dumbbell being lowered. Synchronizing the movement this way will allow you maximize the range of motion.

When you’re at the gym keep an eye out for folks doing this exercise. You’ll see people either using the full bench in which case it’s impossible to lower your butt. The exercise still works but you won’t get out of it all you could get. Also, when they are using the side of the bench the most common mistake is that they keep the hips up.

You want to do it Arnold style: With an intense crazy look and a distinct grunt sporting an Austrian accept. Seriously though, this is a great exercise and should be performed by all young lifter because of its capacity to enlarge the ribcage. Purportedly the bigger the ribcage the bigger the chest you can build on it.

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