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Stop With The Cheat Meals

Junk food is bad, we know this. We’re told by everyone and everything to avoid candy, chips, soda, desserts, alcohol, etc. In spite of this, we still find workout and diet programs that allow a “cheat day,” where you can reward yourself after surviving all your week-long woes and struggles.

We don’t mean to sound harsh, but the reality is that if you are already overweight, you probably shouldn’t be taking a “day off” at all, even if it is “in moderation.” When you route back to your comfort food at any point during your fitness journey, you’re causing much more harm than good. You are either doing one of two things: halting your progress altogether or moving backwards from your desired physical goals. The worst part is that all these “bad foods” actually have addictive attributes to it, causing intense cravings to the consumer after they’ve eaten the junk meal.


You are not entitled to anything

It’s very bothersome that so many people feel that they deserve to be “rewarded” after just one week’s worth of working out and sticking to their fitness plan. You are not entitled to anything, especially if you want to see those results you are so desperately looking for.

Regardless of how well you’ve done throughout your week or for how far along you’ve gotten on your fitness journey, your results should be reward enough. Constantly looking forward to your next cheat meal inevitably undermines the entire point of your physical mission. Rather, you should focus on changing your lifestyle and start looking forward to alternate versions of healthy meals.


Avoid the slippery slope and guilty feeling

If you begin to have one “wanted” meal per week, you’ll eventually be led to believe that the rest of your meals throughout the week are just obstacles you need to overcome in order to get to the next desired meal. After a while, you’ll only start to focus on that one meal a week, and potentially unintentionally increase the serving size of your cheat meals because you so desperately want them.

After a while, you may potentially and unintentionally increasing the serving size of your cheat meals because you so desperately want them. Thereafter, a feeling of guilt can arise because all that excess of food could offset any progress you’ve made during your workout week.

This should never happen. You should never feel guilty for eating foods you like.

However, to prevent yourself from feeling this way, you should find healthy alternatives that you will enjoy and focus on those instead. Soon after, you will naturally adapt to enjoy these meals over your usual “cheat meals” and resort to them as comfort food instead of your typical junk food choices.

The takeaway

Whether your goal is to lose all that fat or to boost your physical performance, the junk food needs to get tossed entirely. Don’t worry about the skinny guy who has 4 stomachs or the jacked dude who is able to eat everything in sight, you are not there yet. The faster you come to terms with that, the faster it will be for you to formulate a plan and execute it so you can reach your goals.

Again, we don’t mean to be harsh. As humans, we can potentially make the same mistake over and over again. But we are to blame if we don’t learn from these mistakes and do something about it, so take this as your friendly reminder to reward yourself by not rewarding yourself. You have the power within you to reach your goals. Now go out and do it.

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