•   No secret blends – all ingredients are listed and maximum-dosed
  •   100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – we stand behind our product
  •   No harmful ingredients – manufactured in a cGMP complaint facility

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SUPERSET™ works! This product is fully stacked and designed to:

  •  Help get you dialed into your workout sessions
  • Help you push through and set new PRs in major lifts
  •  Help you fully recover from each training session
  •  Help you blast training plateaus

Rather than create a formula that leaves you feeling over stimulated, APT SPORTS® delivers a product containing what you really need to train, recover, keep getting better and at a price everyone can afford.

But there are four other compelling reasons:

  1. SUPERSET® offers the best dollar value in the industry – just compare what you get with what else is on the market
  2. No secret blends – all ingredients are listed and maximum-dosed
  3. SUPERSET™ is manufactured in a cGMP complaint facility – that means SUPERSET® is made under the strictest quality control standards possible
  4. A 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – that means the company stands behind its product

The “pre-workout” category was carefully analyzed and APT SPORTS® delivered a formula among the industries best in class but at an unprecedented price to consumers. APT SPORTS® wanted for everyone to be able to afford a product like SUPERSET® and that’s exactly what it did.

In it’s Platinum Series APT SPORTS® plans on delivering formulas like SUPERSET® that deliver maximum performance but at amazing value to consumers.


About 15 minutes prior to training mix your single serving of SUPERSET® with approximately 12 to 14 ounces of water and drink. You should attempt to drink it all within a single minute and time it prior to blast off in the gym. How fast and how intense you feel it depends how empty your GI tract is.

Now, that SUPERSET® is in your system you are ready to blow the roof off the gym. Remember to use your added focus to your advantage. Laugh and have fun after your training session but when you’re “on” the stuff you are dialed in and don’t let anything or anyone take you out of the zone with chitchat.

With every workout make an effort to improve your mind-muscle connection. As you perform each exercise and each repetition imagine each muscle working through the range of motion.

BCAAs – 5,000 mg

BCAA’s are absorbed directly into muscle and metabolized exceptionally fast. Also, BCAA’s have both “anabolic” and “anti-catabolic” characteristics making them ideal to be supplemented before and after training. You see, when muscles are in an environment of stress (such as weight training) they become like sponges, soaking in BCAA’s that help prevent muscle breakdown while concurrently promoting muscle protein synthesis / growth. Additionally, BCAA’s help delay fatigue which is why when using SUPERSET™ you may feel like you run out of workout before you run out of energy.

BioPerine® – 5 mg

Black Pepper Fruit Extract (BioPerine®) is made from the Piper nigrum plant. SUPERSET™ uses a full 5 mg of the exact dose validated through numerous clinical studies to help support increased absorption of other ingredients by as much as 2,000%.

L-Citrulline – 3,000 mg

When orally supplemented, L-Citrulline converts to L-Arginine in the kidneys, which leads to increased L-Arginine and L-Ornithine plasma content. L-Citrulline has become a popular alternative to supplementing with Arginine because in the liver and intestines Arginine experiences excessive breakdown while L-Citrulline is well tolerated and does not. L-Citrulline is effective as a proven nitric oxide booster but its presence in SUPERSET™ is primarily to support reduced fatigue and improved endurance impacting both anaerobic and aerobic training. SUPERSET™ features a clinically validated dose of 3 grams of pure L-Citrulline in conjunction with Creatine, Betaine and Beta-alanine to form an amazing ergogenic aid. See our notes below on L-Citrulline Versus L-Citrulline Malate.

Folate (as folic acid) – 400 mcg

Folic Acid (aka Vitamin B9) is an essential B vitamin required by the body for heathy cell production in events such as DNA and RNA synthesis. Folic Acid also plays a roll in red blood cell production. 

Beta-Alanine – 2,000 mg

Carnosine is a dipeptide comprised of Beta-Alanine and the amino acid L-Histidine. Both Beta-Alanine and L-Histidine are converted into Carnosine within muscle. Elevated intracellular L-Carnosine levels appear to be a very effective “buffer” to the acidic environment created during exercise. In order for muscle to maintain the ability to contract in a powerful way it must achieve an optimal pH range, which is exactly what L-Carnosine, does.

It is unanimously agreed that Beta-Alanine supplementation is the best way to increase intra-muscular concentrations of L-Carnosine and the reason Beta-Alanine has become a “must-have” ingredient, and is found in SUPERSET™ a full dose of 2,000 mg.

Caffeine Anhydrous – 300 mg

Caffeine is an adenosine receptor antagonist. When a receptor is acted upon by adenosine, a sense of relaxation and sedation occurs. By inhibiting the receptor, caffeine promotes acute wakefulness and alertness. Caffeine is very effective and present in SUPERSET™ at a maximum dose of 300 mg, a dose that should not be increased. A Japanese study of interest to athletes and bodybuilders appeared in the December 2006 American Journal of Cardiology discussing the nitric oxide boosting effects of 300 mg of Caffeine compared to a placebo group. The conclusion of which finds that acute administration of caffeine augments endothelium-dependent vasodilation in healthy young men through an increase in nitric oxide production.1

L-Tyrosine – 1,500 mg

L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that is said to have anti-stress and cognition supporting properties, as it plays a role in noradrenaline and dopamine production. Often included in pre-workout formulas because of its ability to help support improved mood, focus, alertness and energy during training. It has been reported to work well in combination with caffeine.

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine – 750 mg

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC) a more stable form of L-Cysteine also functions as a precursor to Glutathione production. Through “Glutathione Buffering,” NAC may have powerful antioxidative properties. Research has shown that regular use of N-Acetyl L-Cysteine prior to training has resulted in delayed muscle fatigue helping support increased muscle strength and sustained muscular training endurance.

Creatine Monohydrate – 3 g

Creatine can support performance and muscle building goals like strength, size and endurance. SUPERSET™ features concentrated anhydrous  creatine, which is 6% purer than monohydrate with improved solubility and absorption.

Betaine Anhydrous – 1,500 mg

Betaine, also known as Trimethylglycine, may support cardiovascular health. When taken orally, Betaine serves as a methyl donor in the body, whether to convert (re-methylate) Homocysteine into Methionine, or indirectly support S-Adenosyl Methionine (SAMe) and Folate methylation.

Vitamin B3 (as niacin) – 30 mg

Niacin is a vitamin necessary for healthy enzymatic function, and touted for its vasodilation properties. This vasodilation helps support improved nutrient delivery and better blood flow, therein promoting “the pump.”

L-Theanine – 200 mg

L-Theanine is a non-dietary amino acid commonly found in teas such as Camellia sinensis, and known for promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and even promoting attention due to its lack of sedation. Supplementation alongside Caffeine is said to be synergistic in promoting cognition and quite effective at promoting attention and focus. Also, L-Theanine is said to diminish the sense of overstimulation of many stimulants particularly caffeine. L-Theanine is present in a dose more then twice as much as that seen in most other “pre-workout” products.


A 5 gram Dose of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) at the Clinically Validated Ratio of 2:1:1 Helps Athletes / Bodybuilders Fuel Oxidative Energy, Prevent Muscle Breakdown and Accelerate Recovery From Exercise*


SUPERSET® Brings Together A Combination of Ingredients Uniquely Designed to Work Together to Support Athletes / Bodybuilders Overall Training Performance, Focus, Energy, Endurance, Strength and Power.*


Research supports the use of Caffeine and L-Theanine together to elevate Energy Levels During the Critical Training Period Supporting Improved Exercise Intensity Cognitive Performance and Mood*


Found in SUPERSET® are Scientifically Validated Ingredients to Support Increases in Short Range Repetition, i.e. 2 to 4 Repetitions, Promoting Increased Strength and Single Rep Personal Bests in All Major Lifts*


First, we suggest that you evaluate half a scoop in order to assess tolerance and effectiveness. Numerous customers have cut the scoop size in half and mixing with approximately 8 ounces of water on an empty stomach and found that even at half a dose SUPERSET™ hits the sweet spot!

When using on an empty stomach you will feel a sensation of “being on.” It’s difficult to quantify the feeling except to say that you just flicked you’re “on” switch and you’re ready to go train and this is with a half a scoop.

In some cases, a full scoop is too much unless you’re consuming with or after a meal. If you have an empty GI tract you’ll find that the ingredients aren’t competing for absorption and that’s why it may feel so intense.

Once you get past the sensory engagement aspect of the product you will find that your exercise performance threshold has bumped up a few notches. So when training you should expect to be the star of the gym: at least train like you are.

In a nutshell, you will feel dialed in, focused and more importantly equipped with the substance to kick your training up a few levels. You’re ready to set a new standard of training intensity for yourself.

SUPERSET® Product Highlights

A combination of the 15 ingredients found in SUPERSET® help support:

  •   Improved Maximum One-Rep Lifts*
  •   Improved Overall Strength*
  •   Improved Focus, Alertness And Concentration In The Gym*
  •   Reduced Recovery Time From Exercise*
  •   Increased Endurance When Training*
  •   Improved Muscle Growth*
  •   Alternate Source of Energy For Muscles*
  •   Delayed Fatigue When Training*
  •   Improved Muscle Protein Synthesis*
  •   Significant Increases In Absorption Of Supplements*
TIP 1: Achieve Maximum Range of Motion

While raising the dumbbell, bring your hips up towards the ceiling. Next, slowly lower the dumbbell evenly with your hips to achieve a maximum stretch. This movement requires a great deal of mind-muscle connection, so perform each repetition slowly and deliberately.

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