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Whether you’re just waking up or pulled an all nighter, 2016 is here! A universal reset button to all things things good or bad, your yearly at committing to success and sticking to it! That being said here are a few tips to stick and commit to your 2016 goals:

Write It Down (Commit It To Ink!)

It may sound cliche, but writing your goals down does a number of things. For starters, committing your goals to ink makes them REAL. It becomes a tangible token of accountability that you will want to hold yourself to. A study conducted on 267 participants by Dr. Gail Matthews at Dominican University in California found that writing your goals down increases the success rate by 42% (Forbes)!

Be Specific & Set Deadlines!

Be as specific as possible when writing down your goals. Think of yourself as your own architect, and this is your year to recreate you! Being specific with your goals does two things: 1.) It authenticates that you in fact know what you want, and 2.) it further increases your accountability. Take this example: “I want to lose 50 pounds this year.” Don’t be afraid to stack it up! Try this on for size: “I will lose 50 pounds of body fat, and gain 10 pounds of lean muscle mass by September 1st of this year.” For starters, I am speaking in the affirmative. I also specified the type of weight I want to lose and gain, as well as a deadline. As Napoleon Hill puts it, “A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline.” Specificity is your best friend.

Set Realistic & Incremental Goals

25% of people give up on their New Year’s Resolution in the first week (Forbes)! Being overwhelmed and discouraged by the size of the goals. Let’s take our previous example: lose 50 pounds of fat and gain 10 pounds of lean muscle mass in 9 months time. When we break it down, that averages to around 5.5 lbs monthly fat loss, and about a pound of muscle a month. Sounds a lot less scary now doesn’t it?

Let The Good Vibes Roll

Your mood is a lot more powerful thank you think, and you also are lot more capable of controlling it than you realize. You probably wouldn’t be in the best mood after being stuck in 45 minutes of traffic and showing up late to something important wouldn’t you? What if I told you that you can immediately change your state? Success coach Tony Robbins is a huge proponent of “getting yourself into state.” It may not feel natural at first, but controlling the predominant mood you are in greatly impacts your ability to stick to your goals. We all get into a lousy mood at times, but when you catch yourself there, change your state(Tony Robbins).

Talk About It With People You Trust

Talking about your goals with people you confide helps keep your goals alive, and creates an additional layer of accountability. It also reenforces and instills confidence in yourself and the people around you, and helps keep you in state for the long haul. The people you confide in will more than likely will be excited for you and motivated by your progress.

Burn Your Ships! (No Turning Back)

From Napoleon Hill classic “Think and Grow Rich,” the adage comes from the idea of a general and his army facing a powerful enemy, and wanting to ensure his army’s victory. By “burning the ships” the army had nothing to retreat to, and was left with only option, victory! I’m not saying by any means to go out there and destroy property! However, I’m suggesting that you release any inhibitions, excuses, conditions or limits that you’ve placed on yourself. Treat these as your ships and burn them! Without a place to retreat you’re only left with one option.. succeed!(Luke Shavak)

Remember, don’t be too tough on yourself. By taking the first step, you have already gone farther than everyone sitting on the couch! Put these tips together and you’re going to be in for an incredible 2016.

From all of us at APT Sports we wish you a Happy New Year, and hope that you turn 2016 into a life-changing year. If fitness is on your list this year, stop by the shop and launch your fit mission with SUPERSET™ with our LIMITED TIME $19.99 introductory offer using promo code APTSUPPS10.

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